Your Calling In Life…

Think on this. The average work week is counted at roughly 40 hours, not counting transit time and the other miscellaneous things we need to do as preparation. Multiply that by 50 weeks to get 2000 hours a year, multiplied by 45 and we come to roughly 90,000 hours of our lives spent just on work. That’s a fair bit of time!

If we’re going to invest that kind of time, why would we waste it on something that doesn’t keep us inspired and motivated? It doesn’t have to be something grandiose or of earth-shattering importance, but wouldn’t it make sense to invest ourselves into something that keeps us looking forward to each new day instead of just praying for Friday so we can escape it all?

Finding your calling and making it your career brings so much more opportunity for fulfillment on so many levels. It’s worth the effort.

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