You Can Choose Your Destiny

We spend much of our time cruising along through life doing whatever we have crafted into our routine. Even those of us that are more restless and easily bored still have our patterns that over time become predictable.

Whether we realize it or not our daily patterns are the result of decisions we’ve made leading up to this point in time. On the higher levels we consider things like thoughts of how we conduct ourselves, the kind of work we do, and the type of people we interact.  On the lower levels we think about how we dress, the words we speak, or how we brush our teeth. It could be an extensive list should we want to create it, but the point remains that all of our decisions ultimately make up who we are

What we don’t often realize is how much control we have over our decisions. This world does not lend itself much to independent thinking, yet those that reach the highest levels in business, leadership, and other assorted callings are the ones that have mastered the art.

Nor is it as complicated as one might think to achieve greater success: figure out your long range goals and then start shaping your decisions around how to get there. We commit to the journey, we take one step at a time, looking around us daily with the long range focus in mind, and we can accomplish many great things.

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