Yes, it’s true… Thoughts ARE Things!

Ya know, as I awake for the day I stare into my computer and at my desk with the massive list of tasks for the day, often seeming potentially impossible to accomplish them all! Most of them I must complete before the days end, even if it ends at midnight today! Wait, doesn't it always... LOL!

But really, some times you just want to say, "wait a minute here... Rome wasn't built in a day!" Well, maybe it wasn't. But I'm not building Rome. I'm building my future, my dreams - which WILL become my reality, but on my terms and when I'm ready. And, damnit, I'm ready now!

SO all of the sudden my mind just shifted and as I share a moment in my morning with a cup of coffee and a smile on my face I am already feeling better about the day and what it holds in store for me. I guess it's not going to be so terrible after all. Ya... thoughts ARE things! Make yours the best they can be today !!! 🙂

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