Wow The Memories!

If you’ve been in business awhile or you’re just getting started isn’t it crazy to think back in time! I mean, man, some of the memories… from the doozies a few days ago to going back in time! I just had a flashback to 2002!

Working quite late one evening during a period of rapid growth, like 2am late all the while knowing I had an 8am breakfast meeting with a branch manager within our operation a mere 240 miles away. Now, obviously I was planning the drive all along and as it sure would have been nice to get a few more hours of sleep it was that little thing inside you in the moment that pushes you in an unexplainable way to keep it burning!

So, 4AM comes and I’m off, great meeting, great progress! Another long day and then a beautiful much-needed hotel room bed awaits me. Yet looking back I wouldn’t have it any other way. For what we accomplished that day affected 80 plus folks on our team and their respective families and livelihood as well. We had completed a seemingly impossible task, as others saw it, to not only save jobs in the business but yet to create more at the same time all the while the number crunchers in the office were saying “just nix that slice of the pie”… in our operation that was… Instead those 80 plus folks not only kept their income but received immediate raises for their efforts thru incentives as we willing taught them how to grow and accomplish greater results!

Greater Results! To that End! Good Day!

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