Work With Chad

Chad Peda speakingEach business is unique, filled with different personalities, all residing in different geographic locations, comprised of different levels of skills and so on. All these factors contributing to the efficiency, productivity, profitability and future of the organization. It’s not as easy as it sounds, is it?

Working in the trenches and figuring it out as you go is one way to gain knowledge, but we can learn from others as well. Yet WHERE do we go? There is no school of entrepreneurship.

Having a strategic growth mentor who has experienced both the highs AND the lows of business can help you develop your expertise, master your business, and save a lot of pain, frustration, money and most importantly, save time along the way. After all, time is the one thing we can never get back.

This is where Chad Peda loves to help.

Speaking Engagements

Chad’s business experience covers finance, real estate, retail, manufacturing, construction, team building, strategic planning and most important of all, overcoming adversity and accelerating growth. Though his technical knowledge of a wide range of business types is thorough, it’s his authentic understanding of the human element that sets him apart and makes him a sought after resource. Let’s get together.

Team Mentoring

The synergy of multiple minds working together, bouncing ideas around until the perfect solution comes together, the sense of teamwork of joint problem solving… it’s a remarkable experience. The right outside perspective can do wonders to spur creative problem solving. Put Chad’s focus on solutions, and team building experience to work for you. Let’s build your team.

Personal Mentoring

Whether you are already a business owner or beginning your entrepreneurial journey, we’ve all been there: stuck, confused, up against some invisible wall and struggling to break it down to move forward again. Sometimes it takes some deeper digging on an individual level to figure out what’s holding us back. Then the amazing feeling when you uncover the perfect answer. These are the times when a personalized solution can be of the greatest assistance in accelerating our growth. Let’s visit.

Other Projects…

Through working with a wide range of business types, Chad is constantly finding opportunities to match companies or organizations with specific challenges, to companies and individuals he’s worked with that can offer the perfect solution.

For example, recently Chad matched a local company producing home decor products with a retailer wanting to expand their product line to a larger geographic area.

Chad’s passion is helping entrepreneurs and business owners expand and move forward. If you are experiencing a challenge or are interested in expanding your business reach by becoming part of Chad’s network, or you just have a crazy business idea to bounce off of someone, let’s visit.

Looking to further your business/employment possibilities? Contact Chad here to view current opportunities.

“I met Chad in 1990. He was producing one of his first product lines. We have worked off and on together on many projects since that time. Two words to describe him… Fearless and tireless. When he sets his mind on a project, he’s all in to do the best job possible, like no one else I’ve ever met.” -Mike S