True Ignorance and How to Overcome It

Closed minds aren’t open to new ideas, new input, fresh perspective, and a whole other pile of things. They are led to overloaded ego, pride, prejudice, bigotry, and fail to explore their creativity or see beauty in life. If the flow of life is a river, then a closed mind is a swamp.

We talk all the time about the evils of these things, yet how often do we close our own minds to new ideas? I don’t want to suggest we’re all walking around with swampy heads, but it’s worth exploring where we stand and how open we are to new ideas. Or more importantly, where are we going to get our information and what are we looking to improve upon?

Instead of our broke neighbors, perhaps it’s worth talking to someone who better understands business and the proper handling of money. Or if we want to improve our relationships we talk to couples that have survived a lifetime of growing theirs instead of our friends that still struggle to get a date. It’s not that these people would intentionally steer us wrong, but do they really have the information we need?

Far better we work on keeping our minds open rather than shutting down the first time we hear something that makes us a bit uncomfortable, particularly when it means we have to shift our thinking. It doesn’t mean we have to accept every last bit of advice we ever get, but we must consider the source of information and whether it will help us before we just reject it on account of making us uncomfortable.

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