The Usual Risk

We sure do talk about mindset a lot around here. It’s probably because it’s more critical to our success in all areas of life than anything else. Letting our mindset get too settled into unquestioned patterns runs the risk of getting us stuck in the wrong ones, ultimately grinding us down into a rut until we have a hard time seeing over the edge and how to escape.

For the sake of this conversation let’s call this pattern the usual, and if we want out of that pattern, we’re going to have to change up our thinking. It’s going to require we be willing to question pretty much everything we know and believe in our efforts to find something greater.

It might seem scary at times, yet we’ve done it so many times already. Think about the first time we switched jobs, or dated somebody totally new. Heck, go back to our early childhood and look at how risky it was to learn how to walk or say our first few words.

Should we decide to remain in our current patterns then we are always going to get what we’ve always got. It’s pretty much that simple.

If you want something different, then it’s time to look around and see what else is out there. You might be surprised.

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