The Cornerstone of Abundance

There’s a magic that comes to our lives when we’re on point to our purpose in all that we do. We’re stretching ourselves beyond our comfort zones, yet not so far that we’re constantly in distress. It’s the kind of growth we crave rather than simple endure. It’s the difference between an authentic life and mediocrity.

We don’t have to have the entire plan mapped out to get started. Obviously the more we can map out to achieving our goals the better, yet we must not make the mistake of waiting to start because the conditions aren’t just right. They never will be and life is too short to spend it waiting.

Figure out what it is you most want to do, draft out even the first few steps to move in that direction, and then do it. Living a purpose driven life is a very different kind of life than what seems “practical” or “realistic.” The truth is that the only thing in life that is practical and realistic is doing what you truly love to do. It changes your outlook on life, your relationships, and your motivation for anything you ever do. This is the true source of abundance and entirely worth your time to find.

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