The Common Goal


It is so interesting, at times, what you pick up from any given situation in hindsight. For example, just today after weeks of planning on a very intense and focused project a few new things came to light within our team. As it all seemed obvious where we are going in the goal at hand, sometimes with delegated tasks it is easy to get lost in the moment. I often talk about the importance of being IN the moment, well, this case was just a little different. In fact quite the opposite. In this scenario getting lost in the moment was a demonstration of our INDIVIDUAL moments, as while being productive, may feel incoherent as to the common goal at hand. While in the near DISTANCE, it was getting blurred to the near VISION. At least from my eyes it so appeared. Turns out with just a little of the good old magic they call communication my vision was clear again. Temporary fog... no damage done... phew!!! And now it's that time, a good nights rest, and a little shut eye to recharge. Take Care!

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