“We’re all working together; that’s the secret.” -Sam Walton


Surely you’ve heard or seen this before? It’s true a group of people can get much more than one person alone. As we put our strengths together we fill in the gaps where others are weak and everyone benefits. It’s how Sam Walton moved Walmart in the direction it needed to become the worldwide organization it is today.

There are conditions that need to be established so all members can perform well. First and foremost the team needs to have common, uniting goals that challenges everyone to stretch and grow. It shouldn’t be so complicated that people burn out, but challenging enough to give sense of purpose and satisfaction when goals are accomplished.

The highest functioning teams have members with a variety of skills, talents, backgrounds, knowledge, and perspectives. This helps keep creativity at peak levels, but also requires having a strong structure in place to promote positive dynamics and communication. This way individuals can still shine in what they do best while the team continues to benefit as a whole.

Making sure we’re reaching these ideal conditions for teamwork takes some work, but it also helps promote a shared identity in which all members can find a shared identity and a sense of belonging. It’s also absolutely worth the effort.

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