“When you are enthusiastic about what you do, you feel this positive energy. It’s very simple.” -Paulo Coelho

Have you ever noticed how enthusiasm spreads? It’s contagious! The more energy you have for what you do the more you want to do it and it becomes a self-feeding cycle of awesomeness. The only thing that really gets harder is trying to call it work anymore!

We serve ourselves and each other best when we are living up to our potential and we best live up to our potential when we like what we do. It’s one of the primary reasons for finding and developing expertise around our passions.

Our enthusiasm can even help us move through things that we have to do that perhaps we’d rather not be doing. Attaching such tasks to our greater vision helps remind us that all steps get us that much closer to our goals.

The alternative is to be grumpy, but what does that get us? The same things still have to be done, but how much harder do they get? How much longer does it take and how many people want to be around us when we’re grumpy?

Having enthusiasm doesn’t mean that absolutely everything we do is going to be inspiring. However, choosing enthusiasm no matter what we have to do and attaching it to our passions and goals makes for a much more fulfilling life. We also get more done in less time and have more fun along the way.

Your Passion Is Contagious!

Passion IS contagious! Yes it is! It is in everything you do, the way you move, not just the way you talk but what you say and how you say it! Your smile, your laugh, the conviction in your voice that resonates with those whom with you are conversing. Even when you are NOT in person, it can come through on a page you wrote or even like we’re visiting now, on a screen.

OK, by now some of you may be saying, “OK, I get it, ya, it’s nothing we having heard in one manner or another before” And you’re right! The fact that you are reading this tidbit that I wished to share as I write on this beautiful early cold winter morning while I’m in North Dakota, burrrrrr….. simply tells me that you are of a driven and PASSIONATE mindset already!

So it is simply a joyful reminder that each and every one of us can start any day anywhere with Passion on our minds and in our blood while then the worse thing that can happen is some of it overflows and dribbles onto someone else. What a cool thing!!!

Until next time… Wear Your Passion on Your Sleeve Today !!!