On Superiority

We each have our own unique talents and gifts that can help us perform at levels well above our peers in our chosen fields. We invest vast quantities of time and energy through years of training and practice, and maybe even advanced degrees from a prestigious college to show how well we know what we do.

But let’s be blunt. Such knowledge and training does not make us better than another. No matter how good we may be at our chose professions, this is not enough to make up the total definition of our character. The way our world works anymore it would be impossible for any one person to have superior knowledge in all areas of life. It requires us to combine all of our unique talents and skills to keep the whole thing running.

We can absolutely be proud of our achievements and what we’ve learned along the way. Hard work should be recognized for the value it provides both ourselves and others. Let’s also keep a sense of humbleness and remember that the only true feeling of superiority we should feel is over former versions of ourselves.

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