Rewire Your Brain… Today!

Are you familiar with the neuron? These microscopic cells that are the make-up of your brain number over 100 billion in YOUR head alone! And you’ve probably heard the stats that we use less than 10% of our brain capacity even as well educated adults.

Well here’s the thing. While the brain IS an organ it also operates much like a muscle. What happens when you don’t exercise or train your muscles… your body becomes weaker, right? Well, so does your brain. While it IS trained to do certain things, like the day-to-day function of your mind and body, it also can become weak in other areas when it is not put to use, or challenged outside of the norm.

So what if you spend some time and push your brain to help you with tasks and goals you want to achieve in your business. Really spend some time and think of what would make a difference in your business in the next 30 days. Pick something simple… maybe something you know you should do but it hasn’t been a priority. Use this wonderful tool we call the Internet and grab some ideas on your subject matter for inspiration if needed.

All of the sudden, there it is. The answers! The simple answers on what you need to do differently to quickly and often more easily attain your specific goal or task at hand. Now here’s the really cool part. When you look back at this exercise, you likely knew all along what needed to be done, didn’t you? You simply hadn’t taken just a small chunk of time to think it thru and plan the action steps to get you there.

Now, if this is making sense to you, you just did it. You just rewired your brain!

Now don’t get lazy, provocative thought is addictive and rewarding! Happy wiring!

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