Refocus & Shift

Just a week or so back I shared of the amazing feats of Shaun White.  Already legendary in his sport dominating the world as THE household name in snowboarding he now can add to his resume the 2018 Gold Medal Winter Olympics Champion in his craft.
As I continue to enjoy the study of the mind more all the time it still puts me in a state of shock and ah to think of how the impact that the decisions we make in milliseconds can have such immediate amazing effects likewise.
Take Shaun’s experience only last October, while in New Zealand he took a crash in the half pipe and from that split millisecond missing the landing he hit the wall, literally, with a bloody mess requiring a 63-stitch mend.  Now, less than 4 months later he has notably the best run of his life and career landing a gold medal on the World’s stage of the Olympics!  He could have walked away after that near death experience and resounded a well noted career.  Yet, there he was already back at it.  Do you think that decision just came to him?  Or was it likely a gut-wrenching decision?  Did he have to refocus?  Did his mind have to shift?
Well, as entrepreneurs we can relate.  Whether you’ve been at it awhile as many of us in and out of the trenches or you are early on in your journey, there has been or will be those times.
See, as entrepreneurs we are simply “wired differently”, as I prefer to put it.  Our brains calculate risk, work, think, and purely function a little off beat from the straight and narrow path.  We are innately able to make decisions differently.  Some times for good or even great results and at other times for the experience of another tough lesson for the coffers.
In the end what makes the difference is when we hit a wall, fortunately in this analogy there is no gory mess involved, what do we take from it and how do we roll up our sleeves and move on?  In the case of you, how will YOU move on?  Are you prepared to minimize the pain and take the tough lesson learned to advance and grow towards larger feats of victory?
How will YOU Refocus & Shift ?

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