Personal Relationships

“Personal relationships are always the key to good business. You can buy networking; you can’t buy friendships.” -Lindsay Fox

Lindsay Fox is an Australian businessman. He formed his trucking and logistics company with one truck in 1956 (62 years ago as of this note) and according to Forbes he is worth roughly $3.4 billion US dollars. That’s quite a few zeroes!

It would be very difficult to build an organization of that size that has lasted that without learning a few things about business. With that much money comes a lot of power and odds are pretty good he could do just about anything he feels like doing whether we like it or not. So to hear him suggest that personal relationships are key, it’s worth paying attention.

It’s easy for us to get excited when we’re making lots of money because it does give us more freedom. We can buy more stuff and do more things than we used to.

However, we need to remember that stuff is just that: stuff. It can come and go and has little to do with who we are. We must also remember that people are ALWAYS more important. It’s far more important we use stuff to help people rather than using people to get more stuff.

It’s okay to want a better car or a bigger house. Just keep it all in proper perspective.

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