The true test of your character will be in what you do when things don’t go right. It’s easy to get frustrated and disappointed when things don’t work exactly as we planned and we have to return to the drawing board again and again to dial in what we’re working on. A conscious decision to proceed regardless the challenges and setbacks is what will see us through to our goals.

Persistence is a trait we don’t talk about very often. Sure, there’s the motivational stuff about “keep going” and “you can do it” and it’s all relevant, but what of the times we just don’t feel all excited and the bumper sticker quotes aren’t working? These moments don’t happen very often as our mindset improves, but they can still pop up.

These are the moments when we show our true character. These are the moments we decide if our fears and challenges are worth more than our goals, if we’re going to let the moment defeat us, or if we’re going to dig our heels in and see it through to the end.

That’s persistence.

That’s dedication to ourselves and our goals.

It’s inevitable that we’re going to make mistakes along the way and have failures. It’s because we don’t have every last bit of information we need. If we did, there would never be any mistakes and honestly, it would be BORING, because there also wouldn’t be any reason for growth. And the bottom line is our failures become permanent is when we sit back and decide it’s not worth another try.

Keep at it.Keep going. Keep persisting and you WILL get there.

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