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Chad Peda
Chad Peda

Not many people can say they’ve been self employed their entire life. Hard work, determination, perseverance and stubbornness are all needed virtues. It started at an early age…

Humble Beginnings

Chad Peda’s first adventure in business came from trading baseball cards at the age of 12. Many hours were poured into studying the game, the players, the strategy and psychology behind it all. It started as a hobby, then became a discovery of entrepreneurship.

Time moved on. At age 15 Chad opened his first retail store. The store offered hand made leather goods, another product that came about from one of his hobbies and interests. At the same time, he also saw an opportunity to market his product line along with other merchandise and gifts promoting the North Dakota State Centennial for two years before the actual event.

This was one of Chad’s first lessons in business building. Finding the right opportunity at the right time, and taking action. This also effectively launched Chad into his career which became full time upon graduating from High School. In the following decade Chad would open dozens of seasonal stores which became 22 retail stores across the midwest and eastern United States.

These and many other lessons along the way became part of the cornerstone of 30 plus years of business experience. Many of these key principles Chad still uses today and builds on with his own businesses, as well as incorporates into what he truly enjoys in sharing and teaching to help others build their own enterprises.

Broad Applications

The lessons you learn each day in business are never lost, that knowledge is with you for life. Throughout the years Chad has been able to build on and apply these discoveries and lessons learned to not only retail endeavors, but also his businesses in the areas of manufacturing, finance, real estate and construction. Once understood, they can apply to just about any opportunity or challenge.

Overcoming Adversity

From exciting successful startups, to a 1.7 million dollar loss in a 10 month period. Chad has experienced both and many lessons in between. Build businesses long enough and challenges become inevitable. It’s no different than our personal lives. What makes the real difference in life is how we respond to our defeats; they all bring with them the seeds of opportunity and growth. Learning to use them and grow from them turns defeat into triumphs and is an inspiration behind Chad’s desire to share his message with like minded entrepreneurs.

Strength Through Growth

“There’s so much value to the unknown when you know it. It’s literally priceless.” There’s nothing hidden about the rules of success, but they only reveal themselves to those who are willing to work for them. Once discovered, what used to be difficult can be simple. Through persistence, all the mistakes can guide you to the right path, so long as you’re willing to keep your eyes open. Better yet, what if the right mentor can help you avoid these mistakes altogether?

Key Beliefs

“I believe building a business isn’t the ABC’s we all hear about. I. e. register your business name here… etc. That this is where you start. That’s just the mechanics.”

“Building a business is HOW you take your goods and services to market and not just turn it into revenue, but profit, in the absolute shortest time possible, while navigating all the other related tasks along the way.”

“Do things the right way, at the right time and for the right reasons.”

Relationships are the heart of business. Products and services are the medium through which we serve them. When people come first, our reward comes as a result of the value we deliver to them. The long game is where you’ll find success, always delivering the greatest value above and beyond the status quo.

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“I was working my own business for quite a while and couldn’t figure out how to scale what I was doing. It turns out I wasn’t as focused as I thought I was and was trying to go in too many directions. Chad helped me figure out my single greatest strength and restructured everything I was doing around that. It gave me so much more focus, efficiency, and my business grew rapidly.” – Aaron T