Is Your Head In The Game?

Ok, here we go again… another cliche quote right?

Well, here’s the thing, aren’t there always those times when we could all use that extra little push? Of course there are!

Now, in a sport we have a team, we have a coach, we have an opponent or opponents, there are a lot of eyes on us at one time, at all times.

So it’s much more natural a feeling to go the extra mile, put in the extra fight, and dig a little deeper to the next win, isn’t it?

But when it is just you, how is it different? You know what your goals are, whether looking at those you need to hit by days end or the long-term push where you must hold that consistent marathon stride. Point is, when the eyes are on us as individuals and even as a strong team it simply demands we keep our game face on and get it done time and time again. The only alternative is to accept defeat. And who wants to do that?

Well, here we are tricking our brains again or are we? Are we not rather SIMPLY developing that winning mindset that will take us to OUR finish line on OUR terms?

Actually, it’s ALL true… Thoughts ARE Things. Mindset DOES work. Persistence DOES BEAT Resistance! Just try it on for size and see if it makes a difference in your day, your week, your month, your year?

Now the only question I have to leave you with is….


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