Integrity. A quality we often speak of yet don’t always fully grasp its full meaning.

In short we hope and expect people to do what they say they are going to do when we make agreements with them. It’s an essential factor in moving both our personal affairs and businesses forward.

How often do we consider what it means for our own actions? It would seem reasonable if we expect these things of others that we should offer the same respect in return, not only for the other person, but ourselves as well.

Keeping in integrity with ourselves, in seeing challenges through regardless the personal inconveniences not only demonstrates to others character they can expect and trust, we increase in our own values and personal assessment. We know we are capable of greater things by staying true to the smaller things. As we grow in trusting ourselves we indeed accomplish more.

As we grow in character we need fewer rules because they are no longer a question. We just do the right thing and our lives and businesses expand accordingly.

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