Happiness Is…

Happiness, inner peace, harmony, integrity…

As Gandhi points out, they are all very closely related. Aside from the positive aspects of doing the right thing, it’s also just more practical.

Think on this:

When we’re telling different stories to different people, or even just flat out lying, we have to work extra hard to remember what we told to whom and when we did it. We end up creating even more stories and lies to support the ones we’ve already told. Keep doing this long enough and we ultimately lose track of this crazy web we’ve spun and the whole thing falls apart.

It can happen on a personal level or professionally. Worldcom is one of the greatest examples of where those lies and stories can lead to. They filed for bankruptcy in 2002 after accounting fraud was uncovered, losing an estimated $107 billion in the process, cost more than 20,000 people their jobs, and the lives of thousands more were altered from the collapse of their stock holdings in the company.

Now let’s flip it around and think about what it takes to tell the truth. Here’s the secret:

You just tell the truth.

That’s it.

It’s literally that simple!

There’s no need for additional stories or anything else to support it because the truth just is. It means you only have one thing to think about, speak about, and act upon. It clears your mind of nonsense and you can move into a far more beautiful state, which in turn leads to happiness.


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