Facing the Odds

“When something is important enough, you do it even if the odds are not in your favour.”  –Elon Musk

Actually pretty much whenever when we dare to do anything great the odds are not in our favor. If they were, we would already have all the knowledge and resources we need to accomplish what we’ve set out to do and it would have already happened.

There wouldn’t be any stress, or any challenge, or setbacks to our progress.

There also wouldn’t be any growth and it would be BORING.

Setting our goals properly absolutely stretches us. Yes, we have to face the odds, unknowns, dig for new knowledge to accomplish what we’ve set out to do. But we also become far greater versions of ourselves, expanding our capacities and we become capable of even more.

We’ve borrowed from Elon Musk twice this week for a reason. Odds were highly against him starting a private rocket company, yet he’s conquered a historical first in landing rockets vertically, and is drastically reducing the costs of spaceflight along the way. His goal is Mars and while he doesn’t have everything in place to accomplish it yet, just watch.

It’s a similar story for Tesla. Electric cars face overwhelming odds against the oil companies that still hold the majority on how our cars are powered. Even though Tesla is such a small player in the automotive field, Musk has rattled plenty of chains and made the major automotive makers take note that there might be a better way to think about cars.

We could even talk about the birth of the automotive industry, the moon mission, or when a child first learns to walk and talk… The odds are constantly against us and we beat them all the time. Yet it’s amazing how once we tackle “impossible” things how quickly they become the new norm.

So the heck with the odds. You’re wise to calculate the risk so you can adjust accordingly, but great things are ALWAYS done in the face of opposition.

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