True mentors are undoubtedly going to correct you as you move along the path of your business growth. They WANT you to grow and become a better version of yourself so you can continue to move on to bigger successes. That means sometimes you’re going to hear things that are going to make you stretch a bit to get what they’re trying to teach.

But what of the naysayers? Surely you’ve experienced them as well. No matter what you say or do they are there to criticize you or poke fun at you when things don’t go as planned. There’s a big difference between the two and it’s not hard to separate who is who.

The naysayers want you to sting for a couple of reasons, the biggest being that they are jealous that you’ve found the courage to step out of your comfort zone and work for something bigger. They probably want the same things as you but aren’t willing to put in the work.

They could even be friends or family that could be doing the criticizing. Whoever it is doing it probably doesn’t like the changes you’re making because that means they have to change how they see you and as humans we don’t always deal well with change.

So what do you do in these circumstances? You’ve got a few options.

  1. You can listen to them and not pursue your goals. Most people do this and there isn’t anything wrong with this so long as you also understand you are not allowed to complain about how things turn out.
  2. You can argue with them and keep going if you like. It will get frustrating and uncomfortable after a while, but it’s an option.
  3. You can stop spending so much time around those people. Particularly if there are family obligations you might not be able to complete remove yourself from them. Just don’t go as often and don’t stay as long.
  4. You can cut them out completely. Perhaps it’s associates that you’ve worked with or been around that don’t see the same way you do. As harsh as it might sound, we don’t have to maintain every single relationship we have and if it’s dragging you down, perhaps it’s time to reevaluate which ones are hurting you instead of helping you.

Whatever you choose, it’s most important to remember that your goals are YOUR goals and it’s okay to want to see them through. Stay true to yourself, your goals, and always remember this phrase:

The dogs are barking, but the train is moving on.

The dogs can be as loud as they want, but how could they possibly stop a big train from moving forward, even if it’s just barely started?

Be the train. Keep moving forward. Even if you’re moving slow you’re still moving faster than the critics sitting on the sideline in comfy chair sipping their drinks while you’re getting your hustle on.

You’ve got this, and make it a fantastic weekend!

Refocus & Shift

Just a week or so back I shared of the amazing feats of Shaun White.  Already legendary in his sport dominating the world as THE household name in snowboarding he now can add to his resume the 2018 Gold Medal Winter Olympics Champion in his craft.
As I continue to enjoy the study of the mind more all the time it still puts me in a state of shock and ah to think of how the impact that the decisions we make in milliseconds can have such immediate amazing effects likewise.
Take Shaun’s experience only last October, while in New Zealand he took a crash in the half pipe and from that split millisecond missing the landing he hit the wall, literally, with a bloody mess requiring a 63-stitch mend.  Now, less than 4 months later he has notably the best run of his life and career landing a gold medal on the World’s stage of the Olympics!  He could have walked away after that near death experience and resounded a well noted career.  Yet, there he was already back at it.  Do you think that decision just came to him?  Or was it likely a gut-wrenching decision?  Did he have to refocus?  Did his mind have to shift?
Well, as entrepreneurs we can relate.  Whether you’ve been at it awhile as many of us in and out of the trenches or you are early on in your journey, there has been or will be those times.
See, as entrepreneurs we are simply “wired differently”, as I prefer to put it.  Our brains calculate risk, work, think, and purely function a little off beat from the straight and narrow path.  We are innately able to make decisions differently.  Some times for good or even great results and at other times for the experience of another tough lesson for the coffers.
In the end what makes the difference is when we hit a wall, fortunately in this analogy there is no gory mess involved, what do we take from it and how do we roll up our sleeves and move on?  In the case of you, how will YOU move on?  Are you prepared to minimize the pain and take the tough lesson learned to advance and grow towards larger feats of victory?
How will YOU Refocus & Shift ?

Is It Compelling?

Com – pel – ling: adjective   ~ evoking interest, attention, or admiration in a powerfully irresistible way.
Well, that’s according to Webster and his dictionary anyway.  But what does this same word mean to different folk?  And why does it matter?  And why does this word title my post today?  All good questions do I ask myself!
See, as a driven entrepreneur with a simple and clear mission of empowering other driven entrepreneurs my mind stays quite busy.  Now busy alone isn’t always enough, but what is the mind busy on?  So in a recent conversation and assignment from my coach this word “compelling” came up.  Now why did it strike me as such it did?  I don’t know.  But it did.
I’ve come to accept that it just sums up so much of the way messaging can be enhanced.  And while fully understanding the importance of the message that each and every one of us wish to share, should we take note?  And if we choose to, how can we implant a mental stigma of our message in our brain and use it in our day-to-day communication to great benefit?
What IF we evoke interest?  Grab attention?  Pull admiration?  While ALL in a powerfully irresistible way?
Would we be better messengers?  And if we were would it make a difference in our mission?
What IS your message?  Is it powerful?  Is it effective?  Is it compelling?
Stay tuned later this week for a message on YOUR message!  (Note: I go into a lot of detail about this in my upcoming eBook. Go reserve a copy right now!)

Is Your Head In The Game?

Ok, here we go again… another cliche quote right?

Well, here’s the thing, aren’t there always those times when we could all use that extra little push? Of course there are!

Now, in a sport we have a team, we have a coach, we have an opponent or opponents, there are a lot of eyes on us at one time, at all times.

So it’s much more natural a feeling to go the extra mile, put in the extra fight, and dig a little deeper to the next win, isn’t it?

But when it is just you, how is it different? You know what your goals are, whether looking at those you need to hit by days end or the long-term push where you must hold that consistent marathon stride. Point is, when the eyes are on us as individuals and even as a strong team it simply demands we keep our game face on and get it done time and time again. The only alternative is to accept defeat. And who wants to do that?

Well, here we are tricking our brains again or are we? Are we not rather SIMPLY developing that winning mindset that will take us to OUR finish line on OUR terms?

Actually, it’s ALL true… Thoughts ARE Things. Mindset DOES work. Persistence DOES BEAT Resistance! Just try it on for size and see if it makes a difference in your day, your week, your month, your year?

Now the only question I have to leave you with is….


Your Passion Is Contagious!

Passion IS contagious! Yes it is! It is in everything you do, the way you move, not just the way you talk but what you say and how you say it! Your smile, your laugh, the conviction in your voice that resonates with those whom with you are conversing. Even when you are NOT in person, it can come through on a page you wrote or even like we’re visiting now, on a screen.

OK, by now some of you may be saying, “OK, I get it, ya, it’s nothing we having heard in one manner or another before” And you’re right! The fact that you are reading this tidbit that I wished to share as I write on this beautiful early cold winter morning while I’m in North Dakota, burrrrrr….. simply tells me that you are of a driven and PASSIONATE mindset already!

So it is simply a joyful reminder that each and every one of us can start any day anywhere with Passion on our minds and in our blood while then the worse thing that can happen is some of it overflows and dribbles onto someone else. What a cool thing!!!

Until next time… Wear Your Passion on Your Sleeve Today !!!


Rewire Your Brain… Today!

Are you familiar with the neuron? These microscopic cells that are the make-up of your brain number over 100 billion in YOUR head alone! And you’ve probably heard the stats that we use less than 10% of our brain capacity even as well educated adults.

Well here’s the thing. While the brain IS an organ it also operates much like a muscle. What happens when you don’t exercise or train your muscles… your body becomes weaker, right? Well, so does your brain. While it IS trained to do certain things, like the day-to-day function of your mind and body, it also can become weak in other areas when it is not put to use, or challenged outside of the norm.

So what if you spend some time and push your brain to help you with tasks and goals you want to achieve in your business. Really spend some time and think of what would make a difference in your business in the next 30 days. Pick something simple… maybe something you know you should do but it hasn’t been a priority. Use this wonderful tool we call the Internet and grab some ideas on your subject matter for inspiration if needed.

All of the sudden, there it is. The answers! The simple answers on what you need to do differently to quickly and often more easily attain your specific goal or task at hand. Now here’s the really cool part. When you look back at this exercise, you likely knew all along what needed to be done, didn’t you? You simply hadn’t taken just a small chunk of time to think it thru and plan the action steps to get you there.

Now, if this is making sense to you, you just did it. You just rewired your brain!

Now don’t get lazy, provocative thought is addictive and rewarding! Happy wiring!

Yes, it’s true… Thoughts ARE Things!

Ya know, as I awake for the day I stare into my computer and at my desk with the massive list of tasks for the day, often seeming potentially impossible to accomplish them all! Most of them I must complete before the days end, even if it ends at midnight today! Wait, doesn't it always... LOL!

But really, some times you just want to say, "wait a minute here... Rome wasn't built in a day!" Well, maybe it wasn't. But I'm not building Rome. I'm building my future, my dreams - which WILL become my reality, but on my terms and when I'm ready. And, damnit, I'm ready now!

SO all of the sudden my mind just shifted and as I share a moment in my morning with a cup of coffee and a smile on my face I am already feeling better about the day and what it holds in store for me. I guess it's not going to be so terrible after all. Ya... thoughts ARE things! Make yours the best they can be today !!! 🙂

Wow The Memories!

If you’ve been in business awhile or you’re just getting started isn’t it crazy to think back in time! I mean, man, some of the memories… from the doozies a few days ago to going back in time! I just had a flashback to 2002!

Working quite late one evening during a period of rapid growth, like 2am late all the while knowing I had an 8am breakfast meeting with a branch manager within our operation a mere 240 miles away. Now, obviously I was planning the drive all along and as it sure would have been nice to get a few more hours of sleep it was that little thing inside you in the moment that pushes you in an unexplainable way to keep it burning!

So, 4AM comes and I’m off, great meeting, great progress! Another long day and then a beautiful much-needed hotel room bed awaits me. Yet looking back I wouldn’t have it any other way. For what we accomplished that day affected 80 plus folks on our team and their respective families and livelihood as well. We had completed a seemingly impossible task, as others saw it, to not only save jobs in the business but yet to create more at the same time all the while the number crunchers in the office were saying “just nix that slice of the pie”… in our operation that was… Instead those 80 plus folks not only kept their income but received immediate raises for their efforts thru incentives as we willing taught them how to grow and accomplish greater results!

Greater Results! To that End! Good Day!

Every Single Little Thing!

So I'm wrapping up another amazing start to a new week this Monday evening as it nears and the Pyeong Chang 2108 Olympic Winter Games are live on the tube! Now, I'm no snowboarder nor a huge fan, but how can you not watch and wonder what Shaun White is going to pull out of his bag of tricks next, right?

So this is still only qualifiers in the Half Pipe, his first run is just shy of amazing. And I'll be if he doesn't fall to 3rd before his second run with some strong competitors in the mix. Well, in pure legendary Shaun White style he crushes his 2nd run with a 98.5 !!! For those of you who don't follow the scoring system in the Olympics Half Pipe like me, all I figured out is it's a Gold Medal score and still hauling it out in a qualifying round.

I stopped my work long enough for his interview and his energy and enthusiasm, it's purely contagious, just incredible! As is yours and mine when we chose to make it!

But, I digress back to the point. Every Single Little Thing! Just watching and thinking of how many thousands of precise laser beam focused body movements and brain activity forced decisions, not only made but certainly executed before even realized is just flat out crazy!

And ya know, we all do the same thing every day. And as we simply always strive to increase our natural ability to push for greater results when EVERY SINGLE LITTLE THING comes out with a higher level of precision, bingo! And it's simply because we are focused and driven to outperform and succeed in everything we do from simple daily routines to lofty and long-term goals... it as well is flat out crazy! In nothing but a great way, of course!

Always remember to keep it sharp... Every Single Little Thing!

The Common Goal


It is so interesting, at times, what you pick up from any given situation in hindsight. For example, just today after weeks of planning on a very intense and focused project a few new things came to light within our team. As it all seemed obvious where we are going in the goal at hand, sometimes with delegated tasks it is easy to get lost in the moment. I often talk about the importance of being IN the moment, well, this case was just a little different. In fact quite the opposite. In this scenario getting lost in the moment was a demonstration of our INDIVIDUAL moments, as while being productive, may feel incoherent as to the common goal at hand. While in the near DISTANCE, it was getting blurred to the near VISION. At least from my eyes it so appeared. Turns out with just a little of the good old magic they call communication my vision was clear again. Temporary fog... no damage done... phew!!! And now it's that time, a good nights rest, and a little shut eye to recharge. Take Care!