Every Single Little Thing!

So I'm wrapping up another amazing start to a new week this Monday evening as it nears and the Pyeong Chang 2108 Olympic Winter Games are live on the tube! Now, I'm no snowboarder nor a huge fan, but how can you not watch and wonder what Shaun White is going to pull out of his bag of tricks next, right?

So this is still only qualifiers in the Half Pipe, his first run is just shy of amazing. And I'll be if he doesn't fall to 3rd before his second run with some strong competitors in the mix. Well, in pure legendary Shaun White style he crushes his 2nd run with a 98.5 !!! For those of you who don't follow the scoring system in the Olympics Half Pipe like me, all I figured out is it's a Gold Medal score and still hauling it out in a qualifying round.

I stopped my work long enough for his interview and his energy and enthusiasm, it's purely contagious, just incredible! As is yours and mine when we chose to make it!

But, I digress back to the point. Every Single Little Thing! Just watching and thinking of how many thousands of precise laser beam focused body movements and brain activity forced decisions, not only made but certainly executed before even realized is just flat out crazy!

And ya know, we all do the same thing every day. And as we simply always strive to increase our natural ability to push for greater results when EVERY SINGLE LITTLE THING comes out with a higher level of precision, bingo! And it's simply because we are focused and driven to outperform and succeed in everything we do from simple daily routines to lofty and long-term goals... it as well is flat out crazy! In nothing but a great way, of course!

Always remember to keep it sharp... Every Single Little Thing!

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