Destiny, Decisions, and Influences

Mindset is the most precious thing we own. Not our cars, houses, or any other material thing. Anything physical eventually deteriorates, withers away, loses value, decays…

But our minds are priceless. All the moments we gather as we travel this road we call life teach us and our responses to them is our growth. As time moves on we (hopefully) get smarter to what works for us and what doesn’t. Our experience helps us make better decisions as to which way we want to keep moving and who we allow in our inner circle.

As we continue to grow it matters less what happens to us and more how we choose to deal with them, or in other words it’s our decisions and influences that make the bigger difference. Proper goals gives us something to aim for and mastering our decisions and influences help us find direction. And defining our direction is how take control of our destiny.

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