Daily Motivation

The secret to our success can be found within the pattern of our daily habits. Whatever we repeat on a daily basis reflects what is going on in our minds and that in turn is reflected in our results.

And of course we like the idea of the bigger successes, the toys and rewards. They’re rather exciting! But what do we do to maintain that excitement?

Taking on the bigger goals requires additional work, stretching outside our comfort zones, and creating a new routine. We’re creatures of habit and don’t readily adapt to change. To keep progressing toward our goals we are wise to continuously renew our motivations. Preferably daily! Otherwise it becomes too easy to push off the things we need to do for another day, slide backwards into old patterns, and can even start convincing ourselves that the new goals we set don’t matter.

Consider posting your goals in a place where you can review them frequently. At your desk, your computer, next to your bed so you see them first thing in the morning, on the mirror in the bathroom… Anywhere you’ll see them often to maintain your motivation. It might sound ridiculous, but there’s incredible power in such a simple practice.

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