Clocks and Hourglasses

The way we have clocks set up is a problem. It doesn’t even matter if we’re talking digital clocks or the old fashion style that go around in circles. Actually, those ones are even worse. We see the clock spinning around in circles and think they’re just going to go on forever.

How different would we view our lives if clocks were designed like hourglasses? What would our decisions look like if we knew how many grains of sand we had, or how many times our heart would beat before we move on to the afterlife?

That’s the key point. None of us know the time our hearts will take their last beat. We only know that it’s coming.

This isn’t meant to be morbid or depressing! In fact quite the opposite. But it should be a wake up call.

Knowing that time is the only resource we can never renew, why would we waste any of it in negativity, or on activities that drag us down instead of build us up?

Take a few of those precious moments and think about what matters most to you. Figure out how to prioritize your activities so you can do more of the things that matter most to you. Life is too amazing and your passions are too important to waste, and you deserve to enjoy all of it.


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