Are You Crazy?!?!

“You need a little bit of insanity to do great things.” -Henry Rollins

Has anyone told you you’re crazy? That what you really want to do doesn’t make any sense or is “unrealistic?”


It means you’re on the right track.

The Wright Brothers were deemed crazy that a man could get off the ground on a flying machine.

Walt Disney’s first animation company went bankrupt and he was rejected by countless banks before getting financing for Disney World.

JK Rowling was a broke, single mom when she wrote Harry Potter on a manual typewriter. She was rejected by 12 publishers before finding one that would work with her.

Colonel Sanders was frustrated by his paltry social security check and at the young age of 65 went on a nationwide tour to sell his fried chicken recipe. He was rejected 1009 times before making the sale.

Steven Spielberg was twice denied entry to the University of Southern California film school before E. T. could finally phone home.

Einstein didn’t speak his first word until he was 4 or read until he was 7. Yet he was elemental to one of the greatest historical finds in the world of physics.

Even The Beatles were rejected by record producers suggesting that guitar groups were on the way out!

The list could go on, but let’s get back to the point. ALL of the people listed above were “crazy” to do what they did. Their dreams didn’t make sense compared to the norms expected of them. But because they stuck to their “crazy” ideas, they literally helped change the world.

I hope you’re crazy. I hope you’re just nuts enough to believe in yourself and what you want to do.

And the next time someone tells you you’re crazy, thank them for the compliment!

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