With a lifetime invested in starting & building businesses, Chad shares a passion to help others do the same


“I’m ready to launch my business, if only I could…”

What’s YOUR challenge and what’s YOUR One Thing?

We all have challenges…

Too many people suffer from being stuck in a position where they feel they can’t move forward as effortlessly as they’d like to with their work, business and/or life.

For example, a business owner that has hit a growth barrier, that is strangling all momentum.

Or, someone that feels they are capable of much greater things if they could just break free and start their own business doing “the One Thing” they have a particular passion for.

What’s YOUR challenge_______________________________________________.

How did that feel just to simply write it out? 
 …pretty cool? liberating? relieving? inspiring?

When Chad Peda set out to write “The EXPERT is You!”, it came from a place of wanting to help business owners and entrepreneurs break through those barriers and to remind them of what they uniquely have going in their favor.

As a respected thought leader, here is a perspective from Winston Churchill…

Through 30 plus years of building businesses, Chad had seen a lot of huge wins, and also a few pretty serious losses. Sometimes bad things happen, and sometimes those experiences become huge gifts in disguise. Tenacity being one of them, Chad persevered.

After mentoring a number of fellow business people and entrepreneurs, Chad discovered an additional passion, helping others to find the right steps and to avoid critical missteps. Also, sometimes more importantly, how to keep moving forward even when you are facing adversity head on.

As a teenager, Chad had started several businesses. With writing “The EXPERT is You!” he imagined going back in time to guide himself as a first time entrepreneur. “What would I tell myself knowing what I know now?”, “what encouragement and guidance would I give?” Then the bigger question, “how could this help others?”

Do you own a business? Remember the excitement and passion you felt when you first started your business? “The Expert is You!” will remind you of WHY you took this path AND will give you some of that passion back.

Are you an entrepreneur starting your first business? “The Expert is You!” will give you the confidence to follow your dreams and the insights to do it right, the first time.

With a sincere wish that it helps you excel on whatever path you choose, Click here for information on a number of ways Chad may be of assistance to you.

“Chad has a remarkable mind for business and is easily the hardest working person I know. He has an obvious passion for helping others and I’ve learned more about business from him in a year than I have in my 20+ years of being in business for myself.” -John M